2016 President's Welcome Letter

08 January 2016

Firstly let me wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you are all looking forward to another season of 8 Ball Superleague pool.

It's time to apply again! So all you Superleaguers and wanna be Superleaguers please get your application in by the first week in February.

Please don't have us chasing anybody as you may be disappointed to find out... we WON'T be chasing anyone, this is popular enough that we have the unfortunate task of actually turning people away.

Here in Canterbury we have plans (depending on the calibre of entries) of starting up a 3rd tier this season to be played at Woolston in conjunction with the top 2 tiers being played at Cashmere. So YES you may be good enough to get a shot this year, you won't know if you don’t apply.

The committee needs time to make selections and of course work out the draws etc for another exciting year of 8 Ball Superleague playing World Rules and of course everyone’s nemesis the light white!

Well not everyone's, apparently Steve Denton from Canterbury (where else!) who took out the 2015 Nationals didn't seem to have too much trouble with it.

Speaking of the Nationals, remember we have selected a National Team and are currently waiting on the results of our application for funding to send the following team of fantastic players to the World Championships later this year!

Congratulations to: Brent Wells, Bayden Jackson, and Des Wilcox all from Manawatu. Phil and Daniel Wilkinson along with Matt McInnes from Waikato. Young Louis Chand from South Auckland and Canterbury’s Ceri Worts and National Champion Steve Denton.

Other than the grotesquely ugly Matt McInnes we have a good looking team to do us proud overseas, so fingers crossed for the funding.

This is what it is all about Guys and Gals, get in the top 8 in your province, enter the Nationals and you are in the eyes of the selectors with a chance of representing your country at the sport you have chosen to be pretty damn good at.

A small piece of housekeeping as far as each individual province goes, the entry fee you charge the applicants to play is completely up to you. We put a lot of effort in Christchurch to get sponsors to make it even more attractive to our top players, but the only financial criteria we need from each province is the $250 for each of the top 8 players as an entrance fee to the Nationals.

Any queries regarding this, do not hesitate to contact me at the following address:

2016 looks to be the busiest and most exciting 8Ball Superleague year, I look forward to seeing your applications and wish every player, whatever province or tier all the best for 2016, I hope to see as many of you at Woolston this year for the 2016 Devon Construction 8Ball Nationals as possible, it really is the ultimate in New Zealand pool, no other tournament boasts the standard of players. Possibly something to do with the $10,000 winner's cheque perhaps!

May I personally thank all of those people behind the scenes that make this work. Each province has them, from the guys that clean the tables, referees, sponsors, bar staff, organizers, spectators, players families and of course the players who we expect to play with professionalism and sportsmanship now expected of a Superleague Tournament.

Brad Campbell
National 8 Ball Superleague President